Could this be an offensive shot in tennis?

1) Can you hit a topspin lob?
Topspin can take a good lob and turn it into a great lob. The reason being that when the shot clears your opponent and bounces, the ball carries further away from your opponent putting him into a defensive position. The topspin lob is easier to hit off of balls that bounce higher…..making it easier to get under the ball and impart a low to high swing on the ball.
2) Lob over your opponent’s backhand side.
The backhand overhead is usually weaker than the forehand overhead. If the lob isn’t spectacular, no worries, your opponent most likely can’t hurt you. What happens frequently is that they hit a short weak ball that you can move up on and put the ball away with a passing shot.
3) Disguise can be the key.
Hold your shot like you are going to hit a passing shot on your opponent. At the very last second, get under the ball and lift it over your opponent. The holding of the ball freezes your opponent and prevents him from reading what you are hitting. That split second can make a huge difference.
4) Depth matters.
The deeper the lob…..the better. The depth pushes your opponent(s) back causing him to hit their next shot short or forcing them into an error. If I hit my lob deep enough, I will often follow it in and put the ball away on the next shot. They are in a defensive position and don’t see me coming in, also know as the “sneak attack”!
5) Learn the drop shot and lob.
One of the best tactics in tennis is the drop shot and lob. A good drop shot can force your opponent to close in tight to the net. His momentum can carry him even closer to the net making your lob look that much more offensive. Often times I will do this two or three times in a row. It’s a great way to win points and tire your opponent out at the same time.
6) Pick on the weakest link.
In doubles, pick on the opponent who has a weak overhead. Your lobs don’t even have to be that good if your opponent’s overheads are that bad.

7) Practice, practice, practice.
The offensive lob is a shot that isn’t practiced often. Have someone feed you balls to your forehand and backhand. Practice hitting targets that are placed deep in the corners of the court.
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