Increased racquet head speed is like riding a bike

Tennis Tip

How racquet head speed equates to riding a bike

By John Frausto
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The pros have hit millions of tennis balls, putting in countless hours on the court over their careers. They are efficient machines, hitting the ball clean while incorporating tremendous racquet head speed. How is it that they can hit so hard yet possess control and accuracy? In this tennis tip I point out how increasing your racquet head speed could actually give you more control.

Think back to when you were a kid

I remember the first time I learned how to ride a bike. I was 5 years old and I was out on the street practicing on my own before we went to church. It was amazing, once I got my balance and kept my speed up, I actually took control of my bike. This was completely counter intuitive to me. I intentionally kept my speed down because I felt I would lose control. The opposite holds true and the same can be said for your strokes.

If you want power and control, you must keep your racquet head speed up. To increase your racquet head speed, it does require a few things.

1. You have to have a relaxed grip. A tight grip or death grip doesn’t allow lag and snap on your strokes.

2. You need good technique. The millions of reps I discussed earlier help towards being efficient and developing muscle memory. Just like riding a bike, once you have it down, it gets easier over time.

3. You need to hit with spin. Incorporating racquet head speed and spin create the ultimate strokes. Spin helps bring the ball back into play, it also provides “feel” and “feedback.”

4. You have to trust your strokes. If there is any doubt your strokes will not reach their full potential. Now, reps and good technique help but having the right mindset is crucial to success. I have a saying with my students, “Trust before you thrust.”

I hope you enjoyed this tip. Make sure to share this with your peers. These types of tips are what we share with all of our Topspin Tennis Campers.

Happy Hitting!

John Frausto
USPTA Elite Professional | MTM Master Professional